UK tightens visa rules, students will be affected

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In order to protect its economy from large-scale influx of migrants, the UK government has toughened its student visa rules, said a senior British diplomat...

In order to protect its economy from large-scale influx of migrants, the UK government has toughened its student visa rules, said a senior British diplomat on Tuesday. Along with that, by allowing only students pursuing full-time course to work in the country, the UK government is also closing down bogus colleges and turning down students who can’t speak English.

British deputy high commissioner, Richard Hyde, said that Britain wants the brightest and best of students for its universities. "It is that time of the year when Indian students would be planning to pursue their education in UK," said Hyde.

"There’ve been many cases of abuse in student visas. It is the bogus agents and fake academic institutions that are to be blamed. We’re tightening our policies to validate the universities," he added.

The UK government suggests students to apply for visa on their own, instead of relying on agents. "Agents cannot influence visa procedures. Moreover, everyone has to personally come to give their fingerprints to the commission," said Hyde. He informed that policies governing students to work in UK had also been changed.

"Only students pursuing full-time degree courses will be allowed to work. We have also tightened the rules for students pursuing post-graduate courses. They can now work only as skilled professions," said Hyde.

The official said that UK had increased the minimum English requirement from B1 to B2 level. The minimum English proficiency for degree-level students will be raised and assessed with tests, although universities will be permitted to make their own assessments.

However, Hyde assured that genuine Indian students, meeting all requirements should not be scared by the rules, as these won’t affect them. Moreover, the website of the British High Commission also publishes names of recognised universities of the country to help students from not getting duped by fake institutions and schools.

UK has also come up with new ceiling rules for skilled migrants. The official said that India won’t be impacted much as 90% of the skilled migrants from India go to UK, as part of intra-company transfers. "Only a small number - 10% - go as individual skilled workers," he said.

According to the new ceiling rules only 20,700 skilled workers globally can go to UK annually.

However, the UK government is trying its best to woo foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Fast-track visa has been introduced to attract investors and businessmen to the country.

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