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Visas are required whenever an individual seeks admission to the United States. The visa is the ticket that allows him to present himself for admission to the United States. Upon admission, the individual is issued an "I-94" arrival and departure record, which indicates the status in which the individual has been admitted and for what length of time.

There is a wide array of non-immigrant visas available for entry into the United States. These visa categories are commonly referenced by their alphabetic indicator.

Pacifica Consultants will help you navigate the immigration alphabet soup and find the most appropriate non-immigrant visa category.

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Type of Visa

General Purpose for Entry


For short-term business purposes. To enter the U.S. temporarily in order to conduct business in the U.S. on behalf of an employer abroad.


Visitor for pleasure. To enter the U.S. temporarily in order to engage in activities for pleasure.


Student visa. To study at an academic (non-vocational) institution (high school, college, university, or language school).


For temporary workers in a specialty occupation. To work in a "specialty occupation." i.e. an occupation requiring the theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge, which requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for entry into the occupation.


Temporary Trainee. To enter U.S. temporarily to participate in a formal company training program.


Exchange visitor. Temporary visitor to give or receive training or to participate in approved exchange visitor program to teach, study, observe, conduct research, consult, or demonstrate special skills.

L-1A / L-1B VISA

For intra-company transferee, including transfers to subsidiaries or affiliates. To work as an executive, manager, or worker with specialized knowledge in a parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or representative office in the U.S.


For aliens with extraordinary ability. To work in the United States in the applicant’s area of extraordinary ability.


For cultural exchange programs. To participate in an international cultural exchange program that allows employment authorization.

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