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Hindu Students Association Suggests How America Can Be "Better Together"
In 1964 the Civil Rights Movement forced Americans to answer the question: What if people of different races and skin colors came together to form a better America...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits909Print: Hindu Students Association Suggests How America Can Be
Related Tags Civil Rights Movement, Americans, Different Faiths, Religious Backgrounds, Dispel Ignorant Myths, Cross-cultural Community Service, Interfaith Youth Core, Selfless Community Service, Hindu Students Association, Promote Community Service, Interfaith Youth Leadership Institute, Hindu Students, University of Texas, Austin, Executive Branch President of HSA, University of Arizona, Chief Technology Officer of HSA, Hindu American community, President Obama Advisory Council, Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Executive Director of IFYC, Interfaith Dialogue Initiative

4 Indian Americans named Rhodes Scholars
Four Indian American students are among 32 US citizens awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships for all-expense-paid study at the University of Oxford in England...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits820Print: 4 Indian Americans named Rhodes Scholars
Related Tags Indian American Students, Rhodes Scholarships, University of Oxford, England, Elliot F. Gerson, American Secretary of Rhodes Trust, American College Graduates, British philanthropist, American Rhodes Scholars, Harvard Medical School, University of Chicago, Linguistics, Philosophy, Washington University, University of Minnesota, Engineering, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Commonwealth Caribbean, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Southern Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

US Wants to Reach Out to Common Man in India
Category: NewsNews Total Hits760Print: US Wants to Reach Out to Common Man in India
Related Tags US Higher Education, Obama, Common Man, Education

SAT Result Review
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1086Print: SAT Result Review
Related Tags SAT, Score, 2010, Results, ACT

Montana, Colorado and Idaho universities partner on study of fire and climate change
Category: NewsNews Total Hits860Print: Montana, Colorado and Idaho universities partner on study of fire and climate change
Related Tags Montana State University, University of Colorado, University of Idaho, National Science Foundation, Partnerships in International Research and Education (PIRE), USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, University of Tasmania, Australian National University, University of Auckland, Landcare Research NZ, WildFIRE PIRE, field and laboratory internships, Masters of Science and Natural History Filmmaking program

Learning Curves on the Career Path
Category: NewsNews Total Hits940Print: Learning Curves on the Career Path
Related Tags Ray Caprio, continuing education, Rutgers University, digital marketing at Rutgers, digital marketing, Web analysis, engineers, teachers, bankers, museum workers, public relations aides, bachelor’s degrees, graduate schools, local community college, college graduates, in-house courses, executive education programs, green marketing, program in global sustainability, University of California, Los Angeles, renewable energy, principles of sustainability, green marketing, certificate in sustainability, mini-MBA’s, intense business programs, U.C.L.A., Macomb Community College in Michigan, health care courses, degree program, project management, University of Minnesota’s college of continuing education, Mary Nichols, dean of continuing education, Cathy A. Sandeen

U.S. Colleges Focus On Making International Students Feel at Home
When Ivan Sekyonda, a 23-year-old student from Uganda, came to study in the United States...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits809Print: U.S. Colleges Focus On Making International Students Feel at Home
Related Tags Ivan Sekyonda, Uganda, United States, Binghamton University, American and International Students, Binghamton International-student Office, Senior Studying Computer Engineering, Allan E. Goodman, President of Institute of International Education, Community Colleges, Northcentral Technical College, Wisconsin, Business and International Education

Obama pushes immigration reform, seeks broad support
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2321Print: Obama pushes immigration reform, seeks broad support
Related Tags USA Immigration, Immigration, President obama, Immigration Reform, U.S. immigration reform

Obama cites savings in student loans measure
President Barack Obama told Americans on Saturday his student loan overhaul should help drive college graduation rates...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits816Print: Obama cites savings in student loans measure
Related Tags President Barack Obama, Student Loan, College Graduation Rates, Federal Student Loan Programs, Health Care Law, Highest Proportion of College Graduates, Education Bill, Series of Accomplishments, Lower Interest Rates, Higher Approval Rates, Student Loans

Immigration: More Foreign Nurses Needed?
The U.S. nurse shortage is getting worse, but are more visas the answer—or would improved training capacity, working conditions, and pay do the trick?
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1074Print: Immigration: More Foreign Nurses Needed?
Related Tags Shortage of nurses, Staff hospitals, Nursing homes, U.S. nurse-training capacity, President Barack Obama, Hospital administrators, Positions for registered nurses, Nurses from Philippines, U.S. needs to import nurses, Health-care forum, U.S. nurse-training schools, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Understaffing, Mandatory overtime, Physically demanding work, London-based global health-care staffing firm, U.S. hospitals, El Centro Regional Medical Center, Texas Nursing Workforce Shortage, Nursing Jobs in USA, Work in USA, Openings for Nurses in India

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