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Fewer overseas students to get skilled migrant visas in Australia
Fewer overseas students, including from India, will be able to get skilled migrant visas on the basis of their Australia qualifications under tough new migration rules in the country...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits761Print: Fewer overseas students to get skilled migrant visas in Australia
Related Tags Overseas Students, India, Migrant Visas, Australia, New Migration Rules, Monash University Researcher Bob Birrell, Department of Immigration And Citizenship, Vocational Education Students, Australian Economy, Immigration Minister Chris Evans, Basic Skills

Student visa rule is in MP's' sights
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1828Print: Student visa rule is in MP's' sights
Related Tags English language requirements, foreign students, UK, UK statistics, UK universities, Tier-4

Migrants marrying UK citizens must now learn English
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1583Print: Migrants marrying UK citizens must now learn English
Related Tags IELTS, knowledge of language and life in the UK, Compulsory English language tests, UK government, non-European migrants, UK citizen, visa applicants, overseas, Home Secretary, Theresa May, English requirement for spouses, English language requirements, visa, visa system, work visa

Top of the foreign pops
Here are the things you need to keep in mind when choosing that university overseas...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits3400Print: Top of the foreign pops
Related Tags Varuna Verma, Shabina Akhtar, Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, Assocham, New Delhi-based apex chamber of commerce, Global Reach Consultants, Calcutta-based educational consultancy, Marina Gandhi, British Council, Economics, Hotel management, Switzerland, Accounting, Finance and Engineering, United States-India Educational Foundation, British Accreditation Council, Times Higher Education Supplement, Kaushik Mitra, Education advisor in India, Cornell University in the US, Racial attacks in Australia, Visweswaraya Institute of Technology VIT Bangalore


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