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Strict UK visa rules to affect Indian students
If the UK government's review of its visa norms was not enough to send Indian students looking at other destinations, the shutting down of institutes may bring the numbers further down...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2532Print: Strict UK visa rules to affect Indian students
Related Tags Quality Education, UK Government, Visa Norms, Indian Students, International Students, Student Visa Allocation, Post Study Work Visa, UK Border Agency, Student Visa Rules, Fewer Visa Applications, Student Immigration System, Highest Quality Education Institutions, Sam Murray, Regional Communications Manager, UK Education Providers, Training and Advanced Studies in Management and Communications, Student Visa System, Higher Education in Australia, American Higher Education System

British MPs flay new student visa policy
Tough new rules for student visas that came into effect earlier this month have been criticised by the Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits724Print: British MPs flay new student visa policy
Related Tags New Rules for Student Visas, Home Affairs Committee, House of Commons, Britain, Fee-paying International Students, Indian Students, Keith Vaz, Chairman of Committee, Immigration Policy, David Cameron Government, English Language Tests, Student Visas Policy, System of Immigration, Impact Assessment, Immigration Minister Damian Green

Universities rely on international staff and students
Foreign academics are working in key subject areas such as science, technology and engineering. Barring them would be a disaster for higher education...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1042Print: Universities rely on international staff and students
Related Tags Government Policy, Objective of Reducing Net Migration, UK Universities, Immigration System, Science, Technology, Engineering, UK Students, International Quality of UK Research, World-class Research, World-class Peopl, Britain, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Developing University Systems, Singapore, China, India, Business Department, International Students, Nicola Dandridge Chief Executive of Universities UK, Vice-chancellors Umbrella Organisation

Obama pushes immigration reform, seeks broad support
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2358Print: Obama pushes immigration reform, seeks broad support
Related Tags USA Immigration, Immigration, President obama, Immigration Reform, U.S. immigration reform

IELTS approved for use in UK immigration system
Category: NewsNews Total Hits745Print: IELTS approved for use in UK immigration system
Related Tags International English Language Testing System, IELTS.

Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority
While acknowledging that the recession makes the political battle more difficult, President Obama plans to begin addressing the countryís immigration system this year...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits905Print: Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority
Related Tags Obama, Immigration Bill, recession, JULIA PRESTON, illegal immigrants, Hispanic groups, unauthorized immigrants, NumbersUSA, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Hispanic churches

President must start reforming immigration
Immigration agents conducted the first workplace raid since Obama took office...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1169Print: President must start reforming immigration
Related Tags Toughest of economic times, President Barack Obama, Undocumented workers, US immigrants citizenship, Comprehensive US immigration reform, Immigrants in Bellingham, Mexico and Central America, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. citizens, US immigration issue, USA Green card, H1B Visa

New Immigration Policy may help Indians
In what could be seen as a boon to Indians wishing to come to the US, the new Obama administration's proposed immigration policy favours increase in the number of the legal immigrants in the country..
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1238Print: New Immigration Policy may help Indians
Related Tags Obama administration, Legal immigrants, Immigration Bureaucracy, Immigration agenda, Broken immigration system, Nation of immigrants, Hire undocumented immigrants, Learn English, Opportunity to become citizens, US Senator, Barack Obama


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