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'US expressed concern over lesser qualified visa application'
Much before the Tri-Valley University scam that affected many Indians was exposed in the US, the American Consulate in Mumbai had expressed concern over the steep jump in lesser qualified student visa applications...
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WikiLeaks cables seek to tear Australia's 'race' mask
Australia officially denying it, but many Down Under admit attacks on Indians students in their country in past 3-4 years have been mostly driven by racism...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits772Print: WikiLeaks cables seek to tear Australia's 'race' mask
Related Tags Wikileaks Claim, US Cables Leaked, Melbourne Consulate of US, Australian High Commissioner to India Peter Varghese, US Embassy Officials, Australia Education Industry, Immigrants From Somalia, Vietnam Immigrants, Melbourne Consul General Michael Thurston, Indian Consul General in Melbourne Anita Nayar

After Tri-Valley University row, call for crackdown on illegal use of US student visas
Invoking the Tri-Valley University episode in California in which hundreds of Indians were caught up in a visa scam, four American senators have called on US authorities to launch an immediate crackdown on illegal use of student visas...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits831Print: After Tri-Valley University row, call for crackdown on illegal use of US student visas
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