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Obama announces India-US education summit
Taking ties in the field of education to the next level, India and US will hold their first education summit next year...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits845Print: Obama announces India-US education summit
Related Tags India, USA, First Education Summit, Educational Exchanges, Singh Obama Knowledge Initiative, New Collaborations in Higher Education, US President Barack Obama, Joint Press Conference, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Mumbai, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, Hyderabad House, American Universities, Yale, Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Cornell University, Boston University, Arizona State University, Rutgers University

No compromise on education if America wants to be first
US President Barack Obama has again criticized a Republican proposal to cut the education budget by 20 percent, saying US must not compromise on education...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits942Print: No compromise on education if America wants to be first
Related Tags US President Barack Obama, Republican Proposal, Education Budget, India, China, Competitive Global Economy, South Korea, Germany, Childrens Education, US World-class Education, Administer Student Loans, Republicans in Congress, Best Education

Krishna raises H-1B fee hike, outsourcing with Hillary
India conveyed its concerns to the US on issues like H-1B visa fee hike, export control restrictions and outsourcing ban during a meeting between foreign minister S M Krishna and US secretary of state Hillary Clinton...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1047Print: Krishna raises H-1B fee hike, outsourcing with Hillary
Related Tags India, H-1B Visa Fee Hike, Export Control Restrictions, Outsourcing Ban, Foreign Minister S M Krishna, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao, Krishna-Clinton Meeting, US Administration, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake, President Barack Obama, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Climate Change Talks, Iran

US Wants to Reach Out to Common Man in India
Category: NewsNews Total Hits818Print: US Wants to Reach Out to Common Man in India
Related Tags US Higher Education, Obama, Common Man, Education

Obama pushes immigration reform, seeks broad support
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2396Print: Obama pushes immigration reform, seeks broad support
Related Tags USA Immigration, Immigration, President obama, Immigration Reform, U.S. immigration reform

Obama cites savings in student loans measure
President Barack Obama told Americans on Saturday his student loan overhaul should help drive college graduation rates...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits897Print: Obama cites savings in student loans measure
Related Tags President Barack Obama, Student Loan, College Graduation Rates, Federal Student Loan Programs, Health Care Law, Highest Proportion of College Graduates, Education Bill, Series of Accomplishments, Lower Interest Rates, Higher Approval Rates, Student Loans

Immigration: More Foreign Nurses Needed?
The U.S. nurse shortage is getting worse, but are more visas the answer—or would improved training capacity, working conditions, and pay do the trick?
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1165Print: Immigration: More Foreign Nurses Needed?
Related Tags Shortage of nurses, Staff hospitals, Nursing homes, U.S. nurse-training capacity, President Barack Obama, Hospital administrators, Positions for registered nurses, Nurses from Philippines, U.S. needs to import nurses, Health-care forum, U.S. nurse-training schools, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Understaffing, Mandatory overtime, Physically demanding work, London-based global health-care staffing firm, U.S. hospitals, El Centro Regional Medical Center, Texas Nursing Workforce Shortage, Nursing Jobs in USA, Work in USA, Openings for Nurses in India

Over 400 schools closed in US as swine flu spreads
More than 400 schools in the US have been closed as the swine flu virus spread to 19 states, but President Barack Obama voiced hope the deadly disease will run its course "like ordinary flus".
Category: NewsNews Total Hits890Print: Over 400 schools closed in US as swine flu spreads
Related Tags 400 schools closed in US, swine flu, President Barack Obama, Washington, deadly swine flu disease, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, CDC, Dr. Anne Schuchat, genes from swine viruses

How to Spend $100 Billion on Education
Now that President Barack Obama has signed into law a $787 billion economic recovery plan, including an unprecedented $100 billion for public schools, the next task is getting that money out to states.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits977Print: How to Spend $100 Billion on Education
Related Tags Eddy Ramírez, Education, No Child Left Behind, economic stimulus, Obama administration, education reform, economic recovery plan, Education secretary, Arne Duncan, federal Department of Education, Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, Duncan, National Conference, University of Washington, low-income residents

Obama Details Plan for Overhauling Education
In his first major speech on overhauling the country's education system, President Barack Obama broke with members of his own party and urged states to open more charter schools and expand programs that pay teachers based on performance.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits928Print: Obama Details Plan for Overhauling Education
Related Tags Eddy Ramírez, education, barack obama, U.S. Hipanic chamber of commerce, american dream, democrats, republicans, overhauling education, teacher unions

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