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Downturn in overseas students to cost sector
Enrolments of international students continue to tumble, dropping 9.4 per cent in the last year, with vocational education hardest hit, according to the latest federal government figures...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits680Print: Downturn in overseas students to cost sector
Related Tags Enrolments of International Students, Vocational Education, Australia, Largest Services Export Industry, Student Safety, Sydney, Melbourne, Federal Education Department, Bruce Mackenzie, Chief Executive of Victorian Provider, TAFE Directors Australia, Indian Students, Migration Scheme, Student Visas Program, Visa Requirements, International Education Sector, Higher Education

Australia lowers international student visa assessment levels
Australian government has lowered the visa assessment levels for International students from 38 countries, including India, under which they would now be required to provide less documentary evidence to support their claims for the grant of visa...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits821Print: Australia lowers international student visa assessment levels
Related Tags Australian Government, Visa Assessment Levels, International Students, India, Less Documentary Evidence, Grant of Visa, International Student Visa Assessment Levels, Student Visa Holders, China, South Korea, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Student Visa, Australia, Australian Educational Institution, Education Providers, Migration Programme, Australian Labour Market, Permanent Visa, English Language Proficiency, Financial Capacity, Academic Qualifications

Indians form 2nd largest group of international students in US
Indians represent 15 per cent of all foreigners pursuing higher education in the US, becoming the second largest international group after China which topped the list with over 18 per cent students...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits850Print: Indians form 2nd largest group of international students in US
Related Tags Indians, Foreigners Pursuing Higher Education, USA, Largest International Group, China, International Students, Colleges and Universities in United States, Institute of International Education, Chinese Student, International Student Population, Indian Students, US Higher Education, Allan Goodman, President and CEO of Institute of International Education, India, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Kenyan Students, Canada, Taiwan, Nepal, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, Colombia, Pakistan, Russia

No compromise on education if America wants to be first
US President Barack Obama has again criticized a Republican proposal to cut the education budget by 20 percent, saying US must not compromise on education...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits887Print: No compromise on education if America wants to be first
Related Tags US President Barack Obama, Republican Proposal, Education Budget, India, China, Competitive Global Economy, South Korea, Germany, Childrens Education, US World-class Education, Administer Student Loans, Republicans in Congress, Best Education

Harvard toppled in new QS ranking
Category: NewsNews Total Hits810Print: Harvard toppled in new QS ranking
Related Tags World University Rankings, University of Cambridge, Times Higher Education, University College London, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Universiti Malaya, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Universities Australia, Sydney Herald, University of Cape Town

Global Competition: U.S. Students vs. International Peers
Are U.S. students' tech skills keeping up with their international peers?
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1229Print: Global Competition: U.S. Students vs. International Peers
Related Tags Typical American teens, Use of cellphones, Computer applications, Multimedia equipment, Tech-driven world, Information and communication tools, See how U.S. students are doing, Civic life, Work and productivity, Communication, Social interactions, Donald G. Knezek, Chief executive officer of the International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE, Washington, China and India, Preparing technologically skilled workers, Educational technology to improve K-12 schools, Ronald E. Anderson, University of Minnesota, International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, Amsterdam, Ruwan Salgado, Director of World Links, Cisco Systems, Intel Corp, Daniel Light, Senior scientist, Center for Children and Technology, New York City-based Education Development Center, Intel U.S. Teach ProgramTechnology, Robert B. Kozma, San Francisco-based consultant, NAEP exam, U.S. Department of Education, Opportunity to compete, USA Students, US Kids, Technology in US Schools

Going global
Our universities must adapt for the international market, says Shelley Walia...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1063Print: Going global
Related Tags HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, Traditional conditions of academic knowledge, High-class graduates, Punjab University Chandigarh, Enhancement of exchange programmes, Memorandums of understanding (MoUs), Universities in Canada, Universities in France, Universities in UK, Universities in US, South Korea Universities, Promotion of healthy exchange programme, Celebration of diversity, Transcultural activities


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