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Australia rights body terms Indian student detention as arbitrary
An Indian student, who was detained in 2004 by Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship for violating visa rules, is likely to get a compensation of 600,000 Australian dollars after the country's human rights body termed his detention as arbitrary...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2108Print: Australia rights body terms Indian student detention as arbitrary
Related Tags Indian Student, Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Violating Visa Rules, Australian Dollars, Human Rights Body, Arbitrary, Masters Degree in Engineering, Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, Australian Human Rights Commission, Migration Act, Federal Government, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, New South Wales Supreme Court

Downturn in overseas students to cost sector
Enrolments of international students continue to tumble, dropping 9.4 per cent in the last year, with vocational education hardest hit, according to the latest federal government figures...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits612Print: Downturn in overseas students to cost sector
Related Tags Enrolments of International Students, Vocational Education, Australia, Largest Services Export Industry, Student Safety, Sydney, Melbourne, Federal Education Department, Bruce Mackenzie, Chief Executive of Victorian Provider, TAFE Directors Australia, Indian Students, Migration Scheme, Student Visas Program, Visa Requirements, International Education Sector, Higher Education

Harvard toppled in new QS ranking
Category: NewsNews Total Hits741Print: Harvard toppled in new QS ranking
Related Tags World University Rankings, University of Cambridge, Times Higher Education, University College London, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Universiti Malaya, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Universities Australia, Sydney Herald, University of Cape Town

In India, a Student-Recruiting Industry Ups the Ante for U.S. Colleges
The top choice for many students is the United States...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits830Print: In India, a Student-Recruiting Industry Ups the Ante for U.S. Colleges
Related Tags Wisconsin La Crosse campus, Middlesex University, Middlesex South Asia operations, Lone Star College system, American colleges, Shri Ram School Gurgaon, Study in Australia or Singapore, Colorado State University at Fort Collins

Foreign students face more stringent tests
Foreign students will face greater screening as the Government cracks down on visa fraud and scrutinises their ability to finance life in Australia.
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1384Print: Foreign students face more stringent tests
Related Tags Foreign students, Government cracks down, Finance life in Australia, Immigration Minister Chris Evans, India, Mauritius, Nepal, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Pakistan, Online visa applications, Senator Evans, International students, PhD student, United States, Migration agents, Managing director of Australian Immigration Law Services, Karl Konrad, Sydney and Melbourne, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Trade Minister Simon Crean, China

Australia making tougher rules to protect foreign students
The move follows a string of attacks on Indian students and reports of overseas students being exploited
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1434Print: Australia making tougher rules to protect foreign students
Related Tags Sydney, Australian Government, International Students, Overseas Students, Education Minister, Julia Gillard, Commonwealth Register Of Institutions, Education Agents, Australian Education, External Affairs Minister, International News, National Network of Education


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