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High college cut offs attracts world’s top universities to India for talent
College cut offs reached new heights this June as the 10% increase in entry requirements into Indian colleges caused great challenges to students achieving less than top marks...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits857Print: High college cut offs attracts world’s top universities to India for talent
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UK tightens visa rules, students will be affected
In order to protect its economy from large-scale influx of migrants, the UK government has toughened its student visa rules, said a senior British diplomat...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits913Print: UK tightens visa rules, students will be affected
Related Tags Influx of Migrants, UK Government, Student Visa Rules, British Diplomat, British Deputy High Commissioner, Richard Hyde, Education in UK, Student Visas, Visa Procedures, Post-graduate Courses, English Proficiency, Degree Level Students, Indian Students, British High Commission, Migrants from India, Foreign Entrepreneurs and Investors

Britain to place more restrictions on entry of foreign students
The government of Britain is contemplating putting more restrictions on the entry of foreign students from outside the European Union into the country...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits749Print: Britain to place more restrictions on entry of foreign students
Related Tags Government of Britain, Foreign Students, European Union, Full-fledged Degree Courses, Research Degree Courses, Short-term Courses, Bogus Colleges, British Immigration Minister Damien Green

Immigration jumps in Britain amid surge in student visas
Amid increasing number of students coming to Britain, migration has risen by more than 20 percent last year in the country...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits789Print: Immigration jumps in Britain amid surge in student visas
Related Tags Britain, Student Visas, National Statistics, Labor Government, British Students, Immigration Minister, Damian Green, Higher Education Budgets, Foreign Undergraduates, Traditional Universities, Bachelor Degrees, Acupuncture, Ancient Medicine

Schools get college-wise
Category: NewsNews Total Hits848Print: Schools get college-wise
Related Tags Delhi University, career-counseling, BCom course.

US F1 student visas fall 25 Percent
Fall in numbers of Indian students choosing to go to the US for higher studies is because of the fall in financial aid offered by institutions...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1341Print: US F1 student visas fall 25 Percent
Related Tags F1 student visas, Financial year 2009, Indian students, Financial aid offered by institutions, US student visas, US colleges, Poorvi Chothani, Mumbai based immigration lawyer, Founder and principal member of law firm LawQuest, Institute of International Education (IIE), US Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Ajit Motwani, India director of IIE, Going US for higher education, Study in America, Research programmes, US-India Educational Foundation


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