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Strict UK visa rules to affect Indian students
If the UK government's review of its visa norms was not enough to send Indian students looking at other destinations, the shutting down of institutes may bring the numbers further down...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2632Print: Strict UK visa rules to affect Indian students
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'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities'
British industrial designer Sir James Dyson has alleged that Chinese students at the country's universities are stealing scientific and technological secrets and passing them on to their country...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits847Print: 'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities'
Related Tags British Industrial Designer Sir James Dyson, Chinese Students, Stealing Scientific, Technological Secrets, Science and Technology Knowledge, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, British Universities Minister David Willetts, Universities UK Chief Executive Nicola Dandridge, Electronic Engineering, Computer Sciences, United Kingdom, Data Continues

British school bans fountain pens
A school in Britain has banned the use of fountain pens, because they "stop pupils from getting top exam results"...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1025Print: British school bans fountain pens
Related Tags School in Britain, Use of Fountain Pens, Top Exam Results, Jack Williams, Headmaster of Hillcrest Grammar and Preparatory School, Stockport, Manchester, Pupils Suffer Marking Mistakes, Computer-scanned Examination Papers, Banning Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Mathematics Exams, London, United Kingdom

It pays to go prepared..
Category: NewsNews Total Hits996Print: It pays to go prepared..
Related Tags study abroad, fall semester programmes, foreign universities, U.S. India Education Foundation, pre-departure orientation session, English language proficiency, Head of Education UK, Dhanasekaran Loganathan, educational advising associate, on-campus housing, Marketing Communication, Northwestern University Chicago, Indian student associations, international students, National Health Service, National University of Singapore

UK attracts more Indian students than the US
Category: NewsNews Total Hits892Print: UK attracts more Indian students than the US
Related Tags Indian students, student visas, English language schools, UK Border Agency, Educational consultants, international students, studying in Australia, Council of Graduate Schools, CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey, Institute of International Education, visa interviews

Postgraduate Study in the UK
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1215Print: Postgraduate Study in the UK
Related Tags National union of students, Uk, United kingdom, Working while studying, research, taught programs

Indian scientists lead research in universities around world
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1093Print: Indian scientists lead research in universities around world
Related Tags Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US , USA , UK , United Kingdom, MIT, science, technology , Oxford, Oxford University, Royal College of Physicians, Weber-Parkes Trust Medal, global campuses, technology institutions, management degrees, Cambridge, Cambridge University Stanford , Stanford University.STUDY

Indian students always welcome in UK - British Minister
Students from India are always welcome in the UK. In fact, the UK universities are always very keen to get Indian students who are very talented...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1899Print: Indian students always welcome in UK - British Minister
Related Tags Students from India, British Minister Pat McFadden, Student Visa Applications, United Kingdom, Higher Level Courses, Undergraduate Degree Courses, UK Border Agency, Visa Application Centers of Chandigarh, Jalandhar, New Delhi, British Council, Indian Institute of Technology, High Quality Education

Scam? UK halts student visa requests in north India
Fearing abuse of the visa system, the UK on Saturday announced a temporary suspension of student visas in north India. UK Border Agency...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2002Print: Scam? UK halts student visa requests in north India
Related Tags Visa System, United Kingdom, Temporary Suspension Of Student Visas, Student Visas In North India, United Kingdom Border Agency, Visa Applications, United Kingdom Border Agency Spokesperson Sam Murray, Needle Of Suspicion Points, UK Deputy High Commissioner Nigel Casey, Visa Centers, Chris Dix, Regional Director, HRD Ministry, Indian Students, British High Commissioner Sir Richard Stagg, Indian Representative Of University Of Warwick Kanika Marwaha, Short Term Programmes

College abroad becoming a bargain
Increasing affluence and currency appreciation are behind the spike in Chinese students traveling abroad for their undergraduate studies...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1531Print: College abroad becoming a bargain
Related Tags Chinese students study abroad, Chinese doing undergraduate studies, Chinese students traveling abroad, The Ministry of China Education, GAOKAO University entrance exam, Chinese students wanting to study abroad, Feng Jishang, Marketing manager of Wiseway, Chinese consulting, Study in overseas school, Complete undergraduate studies in China, University of San Francisco, China Business Weekly, Chinese undergraduate students, Admission for Chinese Students, Foreign college campuses


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