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New visa rules for Indian students damaging us: UK universities
A key organisation representing all British universities today warned the David Cameron government that new stringent visa rules for students from India and other non-EU countries...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits2281Print: New visa rules for Indian students damaging us: UK universities
Related Tags Key Organisation Representing, British Universities, David Cameron Government, New Stringent Visa Rules for Students, India, Universities UK, Higher Education Sector, Curb Visa Abuse, Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK, International Students, Indian Students

'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities'
British industrial designer Sir James Dyson has alleged that Chinese students at the country's universities are stealing scientific and technological secrets and passing them on to their country...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits833Print: 'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities'
Related Tags British Industrial Designer Sir James Dyson, Chinese Students, Stealing Scientific, Technological Secrets, Science and Technology Knowledge, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, British Universities Minister David Willetts, Universities UK Chief Executive Nicola Dandridge, Electronic Engineering, Computer Sciences, United Kingdom, Data Continues

Universities rely on international staff and students
Foreign academics are working in key subject areas such as science, technology and engineering. Barring them would be a disaster for higher education...
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1065Print: Universities rely on international staff and students
Related Tags Government Policy, Objective of Reducing Net Migration, UK Universities, Immigration System, Science, Technology, Engineering, UK Students, International Quality of UK Research, World-class Research, World-class Peopl, Britain, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Developing University Systems, Singapore, China, India, Business Department, International Students, Nicola Dandridge Chief Executive of Universities UK, Vice-chancellors Umbrella Organisation

Student visa rule is in MP's' sights
Category: NewsNews Total Hits1811Print: Student visa rule is in MP's' sights
Related Tags English language requirements, foreign students, UK, UK statistics, UK universities, Tier-4

Scholarships announced
Category: NewsNews Total Hits904Print: Scholarships announced
Related Tags ROEHAMPTON University, UK-India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI)


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