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Pacifica Currently has collaborations with colleges and Universities in the United States...
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Related Tags Study abroad program, Studying in the U.S., International students, Studies in art, Business, Science, Medical, Engineering, Undergraduate study in the U.S., Admission to American schools, Law Firm in the US, US immigration law matters, Immigration services for the United States, Processing of visitor / tourist Visas, Business Visas, Student Visas, Work visas, Green card processing, Degree programs in Engineering, Business Administration, Architecture, Liberal Arts, American academic degree, Amal Jyothi Engineering College Kerala, Marian College Kerala, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla

Travel and Living
Through our VAS desk, we provide a range of travel related service that include air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance at discounted prices...
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Related Tags Value Added Services, Air ticketing, Foreign exchange, Travel insurance, Medical Insurance, Insurance Partners, Government Insurance Agencies, Assistance services in US

Pre departure Guidance
Pacifica Consultants has been at the forefront for helping the students getting ready for their education overseas...
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits3657Print: Pre departure Guidance
Related Tags Pacifica Consultants, Students education overseas, Pre departure orientation, Future challenges, Advice for candidate, Resolve their Apprehensions

Non-immigration Visas
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits4231Print: Non-immigration Visas
Related Tags Non-immigrant Visa, USA Visa Processing, Seeking admission to United States, Admission to the United States, Most appropriate non-immigrant visa category, B-2 VISITOR VISA, B-1 VISITOR VISA, F-1 VISA, H-1B VISA, H-3 VISA, J-1 VISA, L-1A / L-1B VISA, O VISA, Intra-company transferee, Cultural exchange programs, P VISA

Student Visa
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits3540Print: Student Visa
Related Tags Pursue education overseas, Study in destination country, Obtain student visa, Understanding of laws governing student visas, Guiding students through entire visa process, Consular services, Help preparing financial support documents, Visa interview preparation

Visa and Consular Services
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits4074Print: Visa and Consular Services
Related Tags United States Consulates and Embassies, Applying for visas, Consular officials, United States Department of State, US Consulate at New Delhi, US Non-immigrant Visa, USA Immigrant visa applications, USCIS in the United States, Scheduling visa appointments, Job Consular Services, Visa Consular Services

Immigration Visas
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits3965Print: Immigration Visas
Related Tags Permanent Residence, Immigrant Visa Processing, Permanent residency in the United States, Family Based Immigration, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Foreign national relative, U.S. consulate servicing, U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, Sponsorship by a U.S. citizen, Relationships potentially eligible for immigration, Immediate relatives of adult U.S. citizens, USCIS must approve an immigrant petition, Employment Based Immigration, Immigrant visa petition, U.S. Department of Labor, Outstanding Researcher, Outstanding Professors, Workers in Religious occupation or vocation

Legal Immigration Issues
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits3313Print: Legal Immigration Issues
Related Tags Immigration consequences, Criminal activity, Misrepresentation and fraud issues, Waivers for Overstays, Waivers specific to some visa categories, Immigration experts, Immigration Lawyers in United States, Immigration related Legal Issues

Financial Planning
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits6255Print: Financial Planning
Related Tags Study overseas, Understanding of financial requirements, Tie-ups with various nationalized banks, Tuition Expenses + stay expenses, Applying for university scholarships, Managing finances by doing part- time job, Helping with education loan in India

Getting Admission
Category: WebsiteWebsite Total Hits3679Print: Getting Admission
Related Tags Qualifications and institutions located across United States and Europe, Contacting the foreign university, Filing the application for admission, Admission documentation requirement, Follow up with university for admission status, Getting Admission in USA, Indians in USA Universities, How to get admission, USA Universities

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